Turning the seas autonomous

On demand on WTT: Marine autonomy as a service; the market for drivers; latest on port contracts and more

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking about using AI to command the seas. Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik, founder and CEO of blkSAIL, has built the world’s first autonomous ferries. We’ll learn all about marine autonomy as a service and what this means for the future of container shipping.

Lauren Beagen, founder and CEO at The Maritime Professor, helps us cut through the port contract drama.

Michael Colin, founder and CEO at MVMNT, doesn’t believe digitization should lead to disintermediation. Should tech be enhancing brokerages instead of replacing them?

Michelle DeFronzo, president and CEO of ImEx Cargo, talks about using GPS tech to track temperature, humidity and integrity redundantly via iridium satellite and cell.

Charles Gracey, CEO at Hot Seat Services, stops by the studio to guest co-host with the guys and share a little on why he brought his company to the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area.

And good news/bad news concerning foreign objects found in Publix ice cream; Slync not paying people for two months; idiots in four-wheelers; idiots in trucks; and more.

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